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Education Program

The School of Hope is growing and expanding – accommodating more children yearly, advocating for a healthier future, and making ambassadors out of each life impacted by Opportunity. The school provides Spiritual health via contact with God. This works in conjunction with continued support from the larger Global Christian Community.

Dairy Co-op

Our goal for this project are to create a self-sustaining income generating business model with low running costs, quality product, and foundationally positive benefits for all those involved. In addition to the Dairy Cow Co-Operative Project, Loving Arms requests funding for one year of part-time salary for an Administrative Assistant. This position is intended to be part of Loving Arms succession planning for the Executive Director position.

food program

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Connect with us and make a real difference to the life of those in need.

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Your generosity makes our work possible. Whether you contribute financially or as advocate for good.

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We are focused on the development of the disadvantaged Indigenous people of Guatemala and their communities. We provide services, resources, and education to provide a better quality of life for the children, youth, and adults. Our aim is to offer hope and opportunity to change their lives. Isaiah 58:6-12

Our motto

Hope is everything

Your generosity makes our work possible. Whether you contribute financially or as advocate for good, you make a real and lasting difference in people’s lives.

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How to start?

get involved

how you can help

Make a one time donation

Sponsor a child

sponsor a student

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Our goal is to raise $10,000 to help our families through this crisis until companies start to open and our people can go back to work. We ask that if you know anybody or if you can donate in any way if you could please do so. You can e-trasnfer us funds to lovingarms@me.com or click the donate button which will take you to Canada Helps.  If your donation is made through Canada Helps, they will send you a tax receipt. If you e-transfer Loving Arms, we will send you a tax receipt directly.

We thank you for all the support you have given us from the beginning. Without your support we cannot support the children and the families of Guatemala. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we look forward to the time we will see you and be together again.

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