This morning the building team finished construction on the walls and windows and delivered them to the house. While they were delivering the walls, the family we are building the house for watched with smiles and anticipation of their new home. It
is so exciting to see the house coming together.
We then had the most exhilarating bus ride to the village of Parrojas. The view from the top of the mouton was most beautiful as you could see the many houses that spotted the many mountain sides and riding roads. At the Parrojas’ main meeting point, their church. We ran our VBS that included songs, skits, crafts, and games. We also were able to had out food care packages that give the much needed nutrient to many of these families.
Getting back to Loving Arms, after dinner we received both St. Lucia and Trinidad trip updates. These updates included what they have been doing throughout their week, how they are doing, and how they have impacted the people around them.
The team also received their prayer partners letters of encouragement, as well as the letter from their parents and a few sweet treats. After much encouragement all around, the team had a spontaneous dance party.
We concluded the night with a time of worship, prayer, and sharing our walk with God. It was a crazy, fun, yet sobering day seeing the poverty in not only Parrojas, but also being so happy to be able to bring many smiles to many faces.
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