A Show of Parental Support

Gabby and Charlotte was been volunteering with Loving Arms at the Centre of Hope, in particular at the Christian School of Hope since February 2016. The girls have been a tremendous help, especially in the English classes. Parents are always concerned about where their kids are going, what they are doing, who are they with, and where they are living. Charlotte’s parents decided to visit Guatemala and see for themselves what their daughter was doing. When they mentioned it amongst their friends, others decided to join them. They weren’t going just to see Charlotte and Gabby but also to support and help Loving Arms. The kitchen in the volunteer house will be getting a small makeover with the addition of more counters and cupboards – much needed for the volunteers’ kitchen supplies. Louise, Charlotte’s Mom, and Mary will be working in the school. The teachers will be taught monitoring skills, as well as ways to assess the skills and development of the children. They will also prepare materials that will be used for the remainder of the year.

Please join Loving Arms in welcoming this group of six to the Loving Arms family! Loving Arms is confident that they will not only satisfy their curiosity about the work the girls have been doing but also that they will enjoy their time in Guatemala, make new friends and bring back loads of wonderful memories.

P.S. Gabby doesn’t have to be jealous or sad since her Mom has already visited!

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