A Thank you from Leaders of Los Corrales…

On behalf of the Village of Los Corrales and the Leaders of the Committee, we want to thank you for the stove and water filter program, which began in 2012 in our community.

To date more than 80 families have benefited, all of them in need. For these families it has been of great benefit to have these stove and water filter programs. The stoves have resulted in saving wood. Both the stoves and water filters have improved the health of the beneficiary families.

We also want to tell you that we still have 30 families waiting to benefit from this program. They long to cook on an improved stove and have clean drinking water.

Once again on behalf of the Community of Corrales and the Leaders of the Committee, thank you. We are grateful for these programs that have been of great benefit to our community.

Sincerely yours,

Alvaro Raxon Xetey
Presidente de COCODE
Aldea Los Corrales
San Andres Itzapa