About Us

The Loving Arms Charitable Corporation is a non-profit organization established in Canada for the sole purpose of helping the people of Guatemala.  The organization was founded in 2005, incorporated in 2007 and registered in 2008.  Loving Arms is in the process of registering as a Guatemalan NGO.


Loving Arms began its work in the Municipality of Parramos, Chimaltenango in the village of Parramos (2005). The organization has expanded to other villages: Parrojas (2007); Paraxaj (2008); Chitaburuy (2010); La Hermites, Corrales and Cajagualten from Iztapa (2011). Loving Arms will continue to expand into other villages as the needs are assessed and the resources become available.  This region is approximately 1 ½ hrs. south west of Guatemala City.


Loving Arms’ vision is to provide hope and assistance in transforming the lives of families and children in small towns and villages in Guatemala, by providing activities and programs to families to educate, nourish their bodies and souls, build relationships and help them to help themselves.


All of the projects, programs and activities in Guatemala are created as the result of careful research, and consultation with Loving Arms Canada and Guatemala, the mayor of the region, the Ministries of Health and Education (Guatemala) and leaders of the villages in which we serve. Loving Arms will continue to refine and change these, as the needs of the people in Guatemala change.