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Mushrooms Galore

With the success of our Mushroom Farm Pilot program that we started in Feb., we have since had meetings with families from Paraxaj to start their own.  They attended training on the steps needed to start their own business.  They took over the building we had prepared, on the property, for the pilot and in approximately 15-20 days we will start to see the first signs of the new mushrooms. We have a second building that the most recent team prepared

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The Final Day

Today was as always a very emotional day for the team, the families and for Loving Arms.  It was the last day before the team heads back to North Carolina. This morning the team split into 3 again. The first team finished the pens for the Dairy Farm in Parrojas - of course they are now painted the Loving Arms Blue/Green - no missing them that's for sure.  Once the concrete is set the families will be leading their cows, who have resided with them

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Dairy Farm Pilot Program

Today was a very busy and eventful day.  Several members helped in Parrojas with the pens for the Dairy Farm Pilot program.  Currently all cows are living in their respective owners homes.  I am sure they will be happy to get them into their own home!                         The second team worked on the property, helping the mom's with their greenhouse and the third team worked in Corrales sanding desks and painting one of the classrooms.

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Guatemala – I’m Back!

My trip here was very fast and smooth. Alicia and Sergio were just pulling up to the terminal as I walked out. My first stop once arriving in the Parramos area was the Loving Arms property.  What a pleasant surprise! I am happy to report that the property is in full service! First we have given the "second" plot of land to Serapio (our Property Management family) for a garden.  He is growing black corn, yellow corn and beans. The Orphan and Widows

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Thank You

On behalf of the Loving Arms organization (Canada and Guatemala team), I would like to thank Carol, Mark and all their team members for a great week. We thoroughly enjoyed their company and appreciated that they gave of their time and resources to come to Guatemala to help with our medical/dental clinic, crafts and games with the children, our library in Parraxaj and of course our sewing centre which was also a hub of activity all week long! We pray

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Reality Begins

Like at home, this morning started with a delicious breakfast and a coffee run. That is where the similarities ended. We all squeezed in the van and headed back to Parramos which is about a 15 minute drive from Antigua. We stopped at Alicia and Sergio's house, our Loving Arms local staff. We quickly sorted through the sewing supplies and pumped up a few soccer balls to give to the many children who are so interested in what we are doing. The women

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Home Day

Although we enjoyed our morning breakfasts at the hotel we asked Edgar, the owner of the pub we regularly had dinner if he would be willing to open up early for breakfast on our last day.  All week we had awesome meals at Edgar's restaurant and he was a fantastic person to boot.  Without hesitation he agreed (he doesn’t usually serve breakfast).  He sourced a coffee maker and went above and beyond by providing a good old Canadian styled breakfast

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