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Much to be Thankful For

We knew the tasks ahead of us today. The men were going to be heading to the work site as they were going to be working on the footing for the walls of the medical clinic. The ladies were going to be heading to Paraxaj and Chitaburuy working with the children, helping the ladies sew, knit, crochet and crafts. Before the men traveled to work on the medical centre they came to Paraxaj with the women, when they got there they were greeted with all of

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Little Things Go A Long Way

Today started the first time at 5:30 when the church bells rang to wake people up for church. They had the desired effect, except that we were going to church in the afternoon. Most went back to sleep after the 5:45 and 6:00 reminder bells. Today started more pleasantly the second time a few hours later with a nice breakfast at the hotel, and a stroll to the town square for a coffee and currency exchange. The coffee was very good and the bank was

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It Begins

It's been a long day by any measure. It began for most of us about 22 hours ago when we stumbled out of bed to get ready to catch our first flight from Toronto. It didn't take long before things got interesting which seemed to be a recurring theme today. Our flight was delayed by almost an hour in order for the flight crew to get their required 8 hours of sleep. This of course put our connection in jeopardy and so began the recalculations. I heard

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Farewell And Safe Journey

On behalf of the Loving Arms organization, Canadian team and Guatemalan team, I would like to thank the Chartwell Youth Team from the bottom of my heart.  They were such a wonderful group of people who we thoroughly enjoyed working with and hosting here in Guatemala.  They came with a great outlook on their trip, with the right intent of serving those in need and did all of their assigned tasks with joy and without complaining (even working in

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We Are Happy To Serve

At the start of the day we went out in our work groups, one group went to the trenches and began to level out the base of the trench and then in wheelbarrows distributed  the dirt to higher ground,the sun made the work exhausting but it was for a good cause so we did happily knowing that we are serving God. By digging these trenches we potentially can save approximately 70 families crops from being destroyed by excessive water or mud slides

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Surrounded By Love

Friday started off with a VBS in the morning at a school of about 150 kids. This school was new to Loving Arms as they had never done anything there before. The government has stopped all funding to this particular school, saying that they would fund in a different way, but nobody has seen any money for 2 years. The teachers buy and bring in toilet paper, towels for the kids to wash their hands and lunch out from their own pockets. The teachers

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Another Beautiful Day

Thank God for another beautiful day in Guatemala. Today we went up north to the village of Parrojas and ran our biggest VBS so far, with around 180 children! It was our first VBS with a lot of kids and thankfully it went well. The skit team and worship team performed and the kids were having a lot of fun. Right after we split the kids into two groups, crafts and drama, which helped it run smoothly. After we finished the VBS we helped with the March

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Today was an amazing day. We started out the day by visiting a school in the villages outside of Parramos. We did our VB program with the kids and also had lots of time to play games with them. The kids were so much fun and their smiles were a true joy to see. We had a truly inspirational experience, and it was really hard to leave them behind, though we know they are safe in God's hands. In the afternoon, we split up into two groups. One group

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Hard Day In The Trenches

So far we have been having a great time learning about the culture and country of Guatemala. Yesterday we woke up and went to our work sites. One group was digging a trench on the Loving Arms property help eliminate flooding during the upcoming rainy season. The rest of us went to help build a house for the family we were prepared to serve. The day was hot and the physical work was exhausting, but it was hard not to see the beauty of God in the

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Off To A Great Start

Great first day with the team. We spent the morning at the Macadamia Farm - who has donated a dozen trees for the team to plant at the schools they will be working with this week. The afternoon was spent at the Alpha y Omega Church giving the service - John spoke to the congregation and the youth sang several songs as well as did skits and crafts with the children. After the service the team distributed the March food packages. Monday we're "in

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