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Loving Arms is excited to welcome a nursing team from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia! Led by Barb Irving, this team has a busy schedule ahead of them.  Throughout the week, they will run medical clinics in Chimaltenango (with Pastor Oswaldo), La Hermita, Los Encinos, San Lorenzo, El Llano, Parrojas, Caleras, Cajagualten, Corrales (Centre of Hope for Elders), Paraxaj, Chitaburuy, and Parramos, as well as the children of the Christian School of Hope. 

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Day 5 April 13, 2016p – Greenbank

We were blessed with another beautiful morning in Guatemala. It was cloudy and hazy and was unable to watch another amazing sunrise on our volcano. Doug and Diane went for a walk behind the compound and were able to enter into some greenhouses. The view was spectacular as there were so many different species of flowers including gerbera daisies and roses. Doug and Diane then proceeded to the flower packaging area where they were being prepped to

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Spring Flowers
Day 4 April 12, 2016 – Greenbank

Carmen prepared a wonderful pancake breakfast for us this morning with hard boiled eggs – a great way to start our busy day!   We went to Parrojas School in a remote village up top of a volcano this morning, where the roads were really rough, washed out and vertical. At the top where the school is located we divided the team into four groups: Parachute – Brian and Doug Soccer –Tim Crafts – Suzanne, Kelly and Dianne Science – Cathy,

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Day 3 Monday April 11th, 2016 – Greenbank

Another beautiful day in Parramos, Guatemala. We have had lots of adventures today to tell you about. Even though the villages are not expecting rain for another two months we heard thunder in the distance. After inquiring we realized the live volcano 45km away, is letting off impressive plumes of gases. It has just become active over the past month. It is a spectacular sight!   After our team breakfast we loaded the van and travelled to Corrales

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Day 1 and 2

Day 1: Tuesday March 15 Michaela & I arrived last evening to a warm embrace here in Guatemala.  After a good night's sleep, we had a chance to meet the kids in school.  They are currently in "exams".  That didn't stop them from giving many hugs, and brilliant smiles when they greeted us.  At recess, we ere able to distribute soccer balls donated by Right to Play in Toronto. A highlight for Michaela was helping to bring the children home by

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    Lisa and Michaela Deschamps!   Linda Coghlin along with Alicia and all of the staff of the Loving Arms association in Guatemala (Asociacion Brazos Amorosos) are thrilled to welcome Lisa and her daughter Michaela to our team.   This dynamic duo will be on the ground in Guatemala from March 14th to the 26th.The majority of their work here will be assisting the teachers and staff of our school, Colegio Christiano Esperenza. The

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A Great Start

A great start to the trip. I have a new definition for a backhoe. The locals have a strong back  do a lot of hoeing. Otherwise it is hand digging but it is very sandy so it's easy digging. We dug the footings for the new classroom. The weather is unusually cold but compared to back home it's a tropical paradise. Great to meet the board from SHARE and wonderful they say our dairy co op is exceeding their expectations. Brenda, Gabby and Charlotte

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Sunday Feb 1st The share team led by Murray Brownridge visited the dairy herd started in 2013 with 8 cattle. The van took us up the mountain roads to the village of Parrojas (c.8000’). We met with the owners of the cattle on a common area where the co-operative has built a set of stalls. Several owners arrived leading their animal by rope and tied them to posts around the lot. The owners eagerly engaged in discussion about their experiences with

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Report Colegio Interamericano Donation

On Friday, December 4 of this year, five Kindergarten teachers from Colegio Interamericano in Guatemala City visited Loving Arms. Because each of these teachers is passionate about educating young children, they wanted to contribute to the Loving Arms’ school. Each teacher has worked in different ways over the past few months to collect the educational materials that they were able to deliver. All of the supplies will greatly benefit our School.

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