Barb’s First Team Sunday November 10, 2013

The rooster gave us an early wake-up call starting at 1 o’clock this morning. On today’s agenda: 1. We packed all the food bags to give out to the different sponsored families later on today.


2. We also pre-packed different medications for our clinics. 3. Then we moved on to a macadamia nut farm. Loving Arms often brings teams out to the farm as sort of a field trip while in Guatemala. We were welcomed by the owners. We visited the farm and they explained to us that they have no electricity so they do all of the labour manually, all of their products are organic. We were treated to many delicious samples of nuts, chocolate and our hands were hydrated with their oils! Then they continued to treat us with macadamia pancakes covered in macadamia butter and blueberry sauce: D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!! 4. Next stop: Alpha Y Omega Christian Church. Although we did not understand most of the service it was still very interesting. We had a wonderful experience with the children, as a team we were able to hold activities for the children in place of their regular Sunday school lesson. We helped them make bracelets, drew pictures and ended the activity with balloon animals. They were very excited for this part!!! 5. After the service we handed out the food bags to the sponsored families. We were thanked by a wonderful lady for our gesture. Tears filled our eyes. We had the opportunity to bond with the families afterwards. It was a huge accomplishment putting smiles on those children’s faces!!!


Uno Dos Tres GOOCHI GOOCHI 🙂 (This is the equivalent of “Say cheese!” before a photograph is taken down in Guatemala!)