Blog Update – Monday, September 18th

Today we began taking medical clinics into the surrounding villages. It was quite an adventure. The morning clinic was to be held at a church which sits at the edge of a cliff in La Hermita. Unfortunately for a variety of reasons, and despite a back-up plan, we could not get a key to the church and so after an hour of waiting, the team ended up holding the clinic in the community leader’s house amidst chickens and hanging laundry. Fortunately, the team members are flexible and of good humour, and the home was very clean.

clinical 1

La Hermita is filled with displaced people from the floods of Hurricane Stan . We noticed that their health was much poorer than that of our sponsored families in Itzapa and Parramos. Very sad to see but also encouraging to know that over time our care makes a difference! Speaking of making a difference, our team could not function without the assistance of our fantastic team of interpreters: Mateo and his wife Mary, Elvis, Jose Luis and Julio. This is a true partnership between Canada and Guatemala where the camaraderie grows every day.

clinical 3

The afternoon clinic was held at Pastor Oswaldo’s church in Chimaltenango. With the start delay of the morning it was past 2pm before we started to see the people of this town. By the time the clinic was done the rains had started and it was dark. We had seen 195 people in all: 114 in La Hermita and 81 in Chimaltenango. God is providing strength and energy for our small team to serve as many as have been served in past years with larger teams. We are so glad Barb decided to go ahead despite the small numbers!

clinical 2


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