Blog Update – September 30, 2018

Early this morning we toured around the town of Antigua taking in some of the local culture. We then left the Hotel for the day. Our first stop of the day was at Valhalla, a macadamia farm, where we were given a tour of the farm by Tony, a very friendly and funny local. After the tour we got to sample some of the delicious products grown, manufactured, and sold at the farm. After the tour and the samples we sat and chatted as a group and enjoyed delicious macadamia nut flour pancakes with macadamia nut butter and blueberry spread, we also enjoyed a cold glass of hibiscus flower tea.
We then travelled to our clinic for the day at the Centre for Hope. We were able to see a total of 186 people with a range of multiple  ailments and complaints. There were lots of children today. Most people were wearing tradition Guatemala outfits. The colours and patterns are so beautiful, words can not describe. While some of the children were waiting they played soccer in the school yard or played on the jungle gym. Everyone was so thankful for what we were able to provide for them today. The smiles on the children’s faces could light up a room.
After the clinic, we drove through and stopped in Pastores, where a lot of leather products are made. Most of us decided the ice cream was more fun to enjoy after a productive day. At supper, we talked about how people seem to think the more “stuff” we have we will be happier, and looking at today’s group of patients we were able to help, they seemed so happy and thankful with the little we were able to provide for them.
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