Board & Committees

President and Founder

Linda Coghlin


Loving Arms’ Board of Directors

Chair – Jim Theaker

Vice-Chair – Ron Shantz

Directors – Stephen Coghlin; David Machry

Treasurer – Rose Matthews


Advisory Board

Accounting—Mike Veitch

CA, CFE, CGAP—Ruvani Lekamge

Finance and Charities Directorate—Stephen Jones

Legal—Norm Keith

International Development— Jim Carrie

Bookkeeper – Sandy Reesor

Loving Arms’ Guatemalan Team

Director—Alicia Mendez

Administrative Assistant – Alejandra Yoc

Program Manager – Sergio Castañeda

Dentist—Dr. Abner Cana

Doctor—Dr. Marvin Clemente

Mason—Angel Ajuchan

Loving Arms’ Committees and Leads (Canada)

(Loving Arms has over 50 volunteers serving on Committees or helping support the organization in a variety of ways.)

Communications/Marketing, Lead –Della Redwood
o    Article Writer – Jenna Hebb
o    Marketing—TBD
o   Newsletter Journalist — Meredith Sedgewick
o    Presentations/BLOG/Facebook – Calvin Kwong/Meghan Coghlin
o    Proposal Research/Writer – Karen Marshall
o    Website — Lance White                                          \

Team Trip Coordinator – Barb Irving

Fundraising Lead —Betty Read
o    VBS Advisor– Steven Hash

Governance, Lead—Linda Coghlin

Education, Lead—Amy Rose

Health, Lead – TBD

Inventory, Lead—Steve Silva

Property Committee, Lead – David Dyck, Architect

Sponsorship, Lead – TBD
o    Sponsorship Coordinator – Alejandra Yoc                       


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