Day 1 – Monday May 18th

Today our team of 11 had our first full day in Guatemala.  We worked primarily at the Center of Hope organizing and doing multiple things to get the new school up and running for the grand opening in January of 2016.  The school will be home to 20 preschoolers and 20 Kindergarteners in the hopes to expand this number in the future.  We are so excited to help in any way that we can with the school!


For the first part of the day, we split into three groups to tackle three different tasks.  One group painted the new guesthouse on the property.  Another group organized school supplies, and the last group worked around the property cleaning up weeds and plant beds between a few greenhouses on the property.


We then gathered for lunch, spending time with each other and playing with the three little girls that live on the property.  Also we are able to bond and form relationships with Carmen and her son, Giovanni.  We are so grateful to have Carmen, who takes care of us by cooking and cleaning, and her sweet son who always puts a smile on our faces.


The second half of the day was spent packaging 200 bags of food for the sponsored children to pick up throughout the week.  We also made finishing touches by organizing and cleaning the classrooms.  As the day ended, we completed all of our tasks for the day, and we began to prepare for the Vacation Bible Schools we will host in the villages throughout the week.  We spent more than three hours preparing materials for the rest of the week.  We are so excited to see how God will use these simple materials to bring glory to His name this week!


Our day would not have been so successful without the willingness of each team member to “look and live” for the plans God has for us.  We know that God will continue to reveal Himself to us throughout our time here serving in Guatemala, and we are excited about our nightly time of worship.  Last night, our devotion came out of the book Look and Live by Matt Papa.  We looked into what it means to be an “expert worshiper”.  According to Matt Papa, we are all experts in worship, because we all worship something or someone.  God’s love for us in unreal and being presented in so many ways already, and we are so excited to update you on what He unveils for the rest of the week.


Here are some pictures of the projects we worked on today!


– Chandler Morgan and Anna Claire Allison