December 15, 2014 – Day 1

Yesterday was our first work day here in Guatemala. Our team woke up around 8 o’clock, had breakfast, and briefly talked about what our goals for the day would be. Around 9, we went to the Centre of Hope and from 9 to noon we split into groups and did various projects. Some of us worked with one of Loving Arms’ Women’s Co-ops and taught them how to make dream catchers with beaded jewelry.

December 15 - 8

December 15 - 4

Others took to painting both inside the Centre, where we are converting rooms into classrooms, and outside, which needed a fresh coat of paint.

December 15 - 7

Some worked as an assembly line to package food that are given to the Loving Arms sponsored families once a month, and some had the gruelling task of building a concrete wall so that the kids will be safe when the building becomes a school.

December 15 - 6


After lunch, the team returned to the Centre of Hope for a Christmas celebration. There was a worship band, coffee, and tamales for the families. For the children, we asked for participants to help us with our skit of the Christmas Story and they loved it! We told them all about how Jesus was born and how Christmas, His birthday, came to be.

December 15 - 1

After that, the food that was packaged by our team in the morning was given to the sponsored children. They were also given a new pair of school shoes, which they get each year as part of their sponsorship and their joy and thankfulness was written all over their faces!

December 15 - 5

Many members of our team sponsor children who were at our celebration last night, and they had the opportunity to be reunited with them, as well. It was a long and hard-working day, and our team was thrilled to have had all the opportunities to help that we did.

December 15 - 3

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