Greenbank Mission Team – Thank You!


A big Thank you to this wonderful team! Let us take a look at the many accomplishments they undertook while in Guatemala. They built a home for William and his family. William attends our school and was one of our most needy families. The kind mother in law allowed them to build a home on her small piece of property where they now all live together. The team furnished it and dedicated it to them with of gifts of clothing, shoes and hygiene items.

They also built 3 stoves in La Hermita through the Loving Arms Stove Program.

They dug a trench from the new classroom to a huge hole for the new septic tank and then dug all the way down the back yard to a large holding tank in preparation for new piping and septic that is needed for the new addition of our Gr. 1 classroom.

They also held workshops with the women’s co ops, teachers and youth providing information and skills.

As if that was not enough, they participated in the food distribution giving messages of faith and hope.

The children and Loving Arms were so very grateful as they were also able to donate much-needed funds as our deadline of June is fast approaching for applying to the Government for our Grade 1 classroom.

This team was so well prepared, organized and all had such a positive attitude. Hard work and hot days of construction did not deter them from their goal of helping the children and families they worked with.

What a joy! All of the staff were rejuvenated by their energy and kindness. We treasure them as we do all of our teams and look forward to their return.

Safe travels to everyone and many thanks for your hard work and dedication to serving others in need.

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