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Buenos noches everyone! I don’t know if I spelled that right but it’s supposed to mean good evening. I think. Anyways I am back with another blog and I am actually writing this the same night I wrote my last blog so if the spelling is really bad on this blog then there is my excuse. This blog will be covering my day off from work on Sunday and my work day on Monday!

My day off on Sunday started off like a normal Sunday at home with church in the morning. I have always enjoyed going to church in different countries because they always seem to be very different and each one is unique. If you are reading this and you attend Chartwell, I would like to let you know in advance that although I will be highly praising this church in Guatemala I am not betraying Chartwell and I still think Chartwell is the best church in the world (maybe). Alicia and her family took me to their church in Antigua which was very nice from the outside with beautiful pieces of art displayed on the walls, warm-welcoming colours , and a large fountain in the middle of the parking lot. I was already fired up and I hadn’t even entered the church yet. I have never been to a club before but if I had to imagine what it looked like, it would probably look identical to this church. The only difference between a club and this church is that I am pretty sure clubs aren’t very beautiful and something that takes your breath away when you enter. This church had colourful lights flashing everywhere as a worship band stood on the stage singing. Although I couldn’t sing along because it was all in Spanish, I could not stop myself from dancing! This was mainly due to the fact that there was a group of women dancing at the front and everybody beside me was dancing and I also love dancing so it was an easy and quick decision. I have never danced during worship before and it is quite the experience. I felt it was another way to connect with God without singing.

After this incredible worship, the pastor came up and spoke. I was very fortunate to have Alicia there with me because she had to translate the entire sermon for me. After Church it was time for the adventure to begin. We drove to a city called Tecpán which is a beautiful city with amazing views around every corner. We stopped at a Swiss restaurant and had some very delicious food. We then went to a very popular spot in Tecpán where there used to be a Mayan village. There was still some remaining temples and areas where special events took place. The village was very big and there were lots to explore and learn about. We stopped by an area where sacrifices used to take place and it was very interesting. We then went to a small museum located in the park with some artifacts recovered from the remains of the village. The village was very interesting and I have never seen Mayan ruins before so it was an amazing experience.

After we had explored it all we drove to a property in Tecpán that was for sale because Alicia and her family were checking it out for a woman in Canada that wanted to purchase it. It was a beautiful property with lots of land. I seriously considered buying it but then I remembered I work at McDonald’s. After checking out the property we headed back home. The car ride back consisted of listening to Ed Sheeran, taking pictures of people while they were sleeping, and Gabriel (Alicia’s son) making fun of both of his sisters. When we got back home the night continued with a nice dinner and good conversation.

Monday started off the same way that Thursday and Friday started off. We had morning devotionals with all of the kids and then we all sat and ate breakfast together. This time though I had kids constantly asking me for hugs which was one of the greatest requests ever. This week the main topic is animals and so our first lesson of the week was about the different pets that you can have. I watched the children try and draw dogs and fish and honestly I was sitting there wondering why their drawings looked so much better than mine. Next the kids started drawing the pets in their books. Our next class came in as excited as the last class. They did the same activities however they received big pieces of chart paper with the pets drawn on them and they were given the task of decorating the pictures with tissue paper. If you are a teacher or future teacher reading this blog then I suggest never giving tissue paper to little children unless you want to spend hours sweeping it all up.

day 3

It was now time for recess and I can honestly say that recess is as much fun as it was when I was a little kid. This recess consisted of kids begging me to carry them around the playground and when I was getting ready to load up the next kid, the children would fight each other for a spot on my back. This ended up getting very physical so I had to shut it down but that didn’t mean there wasn’t time for a big game of tag! After this exhilarating and sweaty recess it was time for English with the grade 1 class. This class was even more fun for me because the children got to play bingo and I joined in of course. After the day was done I got to go on my daily bus ride with all of the children and this ride was even better than the previous rides because I was starting to learn the kids’ names so I was able to start conversations as well as sing songs.

After the bus ride it was time for lunch with the teachers again. This time they didn’t make fun of my Spanish but they made fun of the sunburn that I got (sorry Mom). After lunch I was given the task of laminating teaching material. This job wasn’t too exciting so I don’t have a lot to share about it but I had my good pal Negro with me to keep me entertained. If you are wondering who Negro is, he is one of the dogs on the property and he loves to bite and hang out with me. It’s sort of a love-hate relationship but I love it.

After the laminating it was time to head home. I had a nice dinner with the family and then it was time for bed. Thank you for taking the time to read this! I hope you enjoyed. I will be getting these blogs out much faster now so make sure you are keeping up with them! Thank you for the support and I will talk to you soon!


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