Isaac Machry – Trip Update

Hello again everyone! Today is Friday and that means I only have 4 more days left here in Guatemala which is crazy to think about! I have learned so much and I can’t wait to share it with all of you! This blog will be focusing on my two work days on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tuesday started off the same as every morning except I was given the opportunity to go into Antigua in the morning. Instead of working at the school in the morning I went into Antigua with Jimena to attend a parade that was being put on for Antigua’s birthday which was actually on Tuesday. We first went and grabbed a very delicious breakfast at a local waffle restaurant. It was very delicious and was also a very nice restaurant. It also gave Jimena and I some time to learn more about each other which I enjoyed. After we ate we walked around Antigua for a bit until we went and found our spot for the parade. The parade was being put on by various schools in Antigua. Each school would have its own theme which would include costumes, floats, and even music. It was quite fascinating what some of the schools were doing to show their love for Antigua. Some schools showed off with choreographed dances, others with beautiful floats and some even had costumes specific to Antigua. It was an incredible experience and there were many schools in attendance.


Unfortunately I could not stay for the entire parade because I had to get back to the Christian School of Hope. Once I returned the kids were still there so I quickly went in and said hi to all of them. Then for the rest of the day I had the job of completing the laminating I started on Monday which took me the rest of my work day. After I was finished we headed back home for a nice meal with the whole family.

On Wednesday my day was just a normal work day. It started off with morning devotionals with the kids where they screamed more bible verses at me and then we all sat down for a delicious breakfast. After the meal it was time for first period. As I carried several children down many stairs we went to English to start our day off. In first period with the Kindergarten kids we decorated drawings of pets with tissue paper again and yet again had many messes to clean up but the kids enjoyed it and seeing them light up made me forget about the mess.


After decorating, the children each received two small pictures of pets. Their job was to colour the pictures and then glue them onto popsicle sticks. Once they were done they were quizzed on the different pets. It was incredible to see how well the children did. After first period it was time for recess where I was again a jungle gym but I love being a jungle gym. This recess also included a massive game of hide and go seek which was an absolute blast!


After recess it was time for second period where the preschoolers completed the same activities that were done in first period but they had many struggles. I love seeing the children smile when they get a question right because it shows how much they love to learn which I think is really important! After second period I headed to grade 1 where we learned about writing sentences such as “I have three cats” and the children practiced using the verb “have” in many different scenarios. They were very good and learned very quickly! It was now the end of the day but not before taking my daily bus ride with the children!

After I got back we had lunch with all of the teachers and I got to try some Guatemalan traditional food. They were very delicious but unfortunately I forgot the names. After lunch I started helping the teachers with some preparations for tomorrow’s class. During this time there was a big meeting going on outside so I went to check it out. I was surprised to find out that it was a meeting for all of the people that were receiving jobs in Canada through Loving Arms. There were around 50 people in attendance and they were all getting jobs in Canada mainly in the agriculture field. After this meeting I went back to work. The day ended once I was done and I returned home.

Once I got home Alicia had to rush out to her church where she was serving so I was left with Fernanda to go and grab a bite to eat. She took me to a place where they make crepes and it was very delicious! It was a good meal with great conversation! After dinner we went and picked up Jimena who was at the gym and then we headed home. This week was very crazy because Fernanda had her exams for University and so she was constantly studying but it sounds like everything went well which I am very glad about.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! I will have another blog coming out tomorrow night hopefully about my day on Thursday as well as my special day on Friday! Talk to you soon!


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