Meant To Be!

A little cleaning and a few new electrical outlets was all that it took to make one room of our new Trades and Skills Training Centre ready for sewing classes. Loving Arms has a waiting list of women who want to learn to sew. All we needed was funding for sewing machines and a teacher.

Ask and you shall receive! A short time later, Linda, President of Loving Arms, met a woman, Sharron Schafer, in a mall in Chimaltenango. As it turns out she was looking for an organization that had a place to hold lessons and that had a connection to women in the villages so she could teach them a new skill – sewing – to give them the potential to supplement their income as well as give them confidence in themselves.

Sharron, viewed our new centre, met the women of Chitaburuy and has agreed to teach a 3 month course, on Thursdays: 5 women in the morning class and a different 5 in the afternoon. Classes started August 22 2013.

Not only is she doing this for free she is also buying sewing machines for the classes!

Sharon has recently moved from the USA to Guatemala and her initiatives are being supported by an organization in the USA.  Thank you to Sharon and her supporters!!