Medical Team

Tuesday, September 19th


Today we held morning and afternoon medical clinics in a Parramos church. Cindy’s cheerful rant of last night about the joys of treating wounds and abscesses seems to have been a prediction of what the day would be like. It was heartbreaking to see the wounds and smell of rotting flesh. Some may recover with the help we gave, others we could only offer temporary pain relief to; like the man who had a hole in his face as a result of what we believe to be cancer. Mark 14:8 “She did what she could” kept ringing through my brain. We have to be content with doing what we can and praying that God will do the rest. It was never more true than today.


Story 1 ~ Barb was treating a woman whose feet were severely damaged and whose shoes were at least two sizes too small. After treating the woman she turned to her husband, Jeff, saying, “How about giving her your shoes? You have socks.” No sooner were the words spoken than Jeff had his shoes off and was offering them to the woman. He spent the rest of the day working in his stocking feet! Nothing more clearly depicts the hearts of giving these two have.


Story 2 ~ Tamera was listening to her patient talk. I looked at the woman’s feet. Strange. It looked as if part of her sandal had drifted over to the side of her foot. On closer look it wasn’t part of a leather sandal I was looking at. It was a foot wound. What I had thought was decorative faux gold was actually dried pus and the tiny “pearl” was bone peaking through. With gentleness, Tamera directed the woman to a set of stairs at the side of the altar. There she knelt in front of the woman and cleaned the wound, then lavished healing crèmes on it and bandaged it. Description cannot do this justice. What I can tell you is that in that moment it felt like a depiction of Jesus washing the feet of the disciples. There was love and compassion and healing touch overflowing.


Epilogue ~ Before we left Guatemala, Tamera and Barb prepared packages of medicines and supplies that Loving Arms will deliver to help healing continue; and

Jeff found a new pair of shoes in the San Antonio market.





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