November 12, 2014 – Day 4

As we sit here to write about our day in Guatemala, we have had many tears as we reflect on all we have seen, heard and touched. It is obvious that every one of us on the team have been deeply moved by these people and we feel we cannot do enough for them. On a positive note we have seen more people than anticipated but on the down side we are running short on medications, especially vitamins for adults and children which they badly need.

This morning we travelled to the highest elevation of our trip to date, approximately 8000 feet above sea level, to a village called Parrojas and we saw 123 people. The hills were so steep the van could not make the trip without several of our team needing to disembark and complete the trek on foot. A scooter would have been nice! Overall, the health of the villagers was very good with the majority needing vitamins and medication to treat parasites.While we were seeing people the children were entertained with colouring and crafts. There were about 50 children in total. We had dressed in several layers because we were told it would be quite cool at that elevation but we actually felt warm! We are learning to do the opposite of what Barb tells us to do (just kidding)!
We then had the opportunity to teach the women about nutrition, diabetes, hand washing and breast cancer. They were quite interested and we were very thankful for our interpreters :).

November 12 - 1

In the afternoon we travelled to a village called Corrales and saw 148 people. The road was closed part way up so we had to get out and once again complete the trek on foot, this time carrying our tables and medication bags. The reason the road was closed was because they were putting cement cobblestone on the road, all by hand, of course.The children coloured and played soccer while waiting for their turn.

November 12 - 2

Things that stood out:
– the young man with Down Syndrome who was in good health and communicating so well… got lots of hugs from him!
– the undersized, malnourished 12 year old who came “from work” and had pains in his knees and arches from working in the fields in rubber boots and no socks. A team member gave him her water bottle so he could bring it to work with him. God bless her!
– again, our high need for more medication;
– the children being so receptive and interactive, despite language and cultural barriers;
– best of all, a child got sponsored today by one of our team, a girl who was deaf and mute who will not be able to attend school. God bless her, too!

November 12 - 3

We are trusting God’s provision and fully anticipate an answer to the prayer for the needs we have expressed. We can hardly wait to see what tomorrow brings…God bless!

Darlene Jordan and Rhonda Beers-Team Guatemala 2014

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