November 12th 2013 – Day 4

Day number 4 was very interesting. We started the day with a medical clinic in Chitaburuy. It was special today, because we were outside the house of a community member. We saw 34 patients. Since the clinic was brief, we went to the training center to do some painting. After lunch, half of the group went to the training center to do teaching workoshop such as urinary infection, diarrhea, asthma and cpr on babies. Meanwhile, the other group went to paint a sponsored house in Parramos. When you are driving in town, we just see the walls and doors, but once you get inside, it’s a complete different world. We walked in a verry small place where the living area was outside cramped beside a cow and multiple chickens. We started to paint the inside, which was 4 walls with 2 beds and dirt floor. It made us appreciate what we have back home.