October 30, 2014 – Day 5

An amazing Thursday in Guatemala! The team split into little groups and achieved much today. The home the team built is now painted! Tomorrow the furniture goes in! The children were given new shoes and their smiles were huge when they saw them! A mat was put on the ground for them to colour, then put their shoes back on when finished. When the group arrived in the morning to start, the mom had put up two small Canadian flags on either side of the door to welcome the team. When the team was leaving the mom was bowing with praying hands and pointed up to the sky to thank God!

The crochet class grew in numbers again. Daughters turned up to learn how to do a basic crochet, the youngest being 5, and one young lady learned how to make a bag with her mom. Great progress was achieved today in the size of the bags for the moms who had started at the beginning. This co-op will be successful as the women are extremely intent on their work and make sure the bag is correct.

October 30 - 3

The library bookshelves and storage cupboards are being made at an amazing speed. Three floor-to-ceiling cupboards with closing doors are finished. Two bookshelves are also finished. Amazing carpenters we have this week!

The baking co-op baked peanut butter cookies, brownies and strawberry squares for the Graduation Celebration tonight. They were yummy!

The knitting co-op have learned to make warm scarves and will be another successful Loving Arms co-op.

The jewellery co-op learned to make earrings and stretchy bracelets. The ladies in the co-op showed what they have already made with pride: beautiful wrapped bracelets! These ladies are serious about learning and turned out earrings and bracelets at an amazing rate. Tomorrow they will have a lesson on wire bracelets and necklaces.

At the beginning of this week, 14 children were in dire need of sponsoring. Two have been sponsored this week, and we are hoping the number of unsponsored children will drop before we leave.

The sewing class grew again today and another sewing machine had to be found. There is a Christian lady who had asked for a bible in the beginner class. Today she was given a Spanish Bible. She cried and said how full her heart was with this gift. This was a very touching moment.

Tonight was Augustin and Jessica’s graduation from college. Augustin is now an agronomist and Jessica graduated from Hotel and Tourism Management. The room was packed with family and friends, and many more chairs had to be found than what was originally put out.

October 30 - 4

Pastor Nataniel from the Alpha y Omega Church in Parramos and La Hermita and Pastor from Chimaltenango led the service, a young Christian band sang many songs, and presentations to the two graduates were done by their parents and Loving Arms.

October 30 - 1

The speeches were heartfelt and well delivered. Jessica’s mom and family catered the meal to all who were there. The team were treated to an authentic Guatemalan dinner! Bibles were also given to the two graduates.

October 30 - 2

It was a lovely evening filled with many memories.

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