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March 4, 2018 – Team Update

In the morning we headed up into the hills to Parrojas, where Brian, Stephen, Jamie, and Mynor had built a house for Alejandra, a 79-year-old widow elder member of the Parrojas village. Members brought her new bedding and clothing. She told us that she feels so rich. Just check out the view from her home! Following the dedication of the house, team members walked up the hill to visit the dairy co-op. This project is sponsored by SHARE Canada. We

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March 3, 2018 – Team update

On Friday, the students held a farewell assembly for the team since that was the last time they would see our team: Next, Brian's team finished the house so that it was ready to be dedicated to the village elder. The team also helped with Loving Arms monthly food distribution. The cover page of this blog showed the wonderful smiles from those receiving the packages that our gracious sponsors have provided! Members of the ladies' sewing group learned

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March 2, 2018 – Team Update

On this day the team members helped with various activities at the Centre of Hope. This included an addition to the Centre to act as additional classrooms for the Colegio Cristiano Esperanza (Christian School of Hope). For the team seeing the students is always a treat and as a bonus the team was able to help the English teacher in his classes. Members of the team brought clothing and shoes that were sorted and distributed to the children. On Wednesday,

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November 5th, 2015 – Team Monique/Viola/Meaghan – Day 1

On our first morning in Guatemala, we awoke to the sounds of most Guatemalan mornings: men yelling back and forth to each other as they worked, dogs barking, and tools buzzing and humming outside our door.  We started the day unloading and sorting through our nine suitcases of supplies and assembling the two bicycles we were able to bring with us.  After a couple hours or sorting and getting settled in, we met Kelsey who is working with Loving

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November 1, 2014 – Day 6

Friday was a very busy day with the crochet and sewing co-ops both returning for their lessons. What progress was made! The crochet group grew yet again as they are having such a great time learning this new skill. Some of them are almost half way done making their first purse! What an amazing job they have done. The sewing group was finishing making a new little change purses. They were very excited to see their final product! There were so many

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Who says a team needs to be from one place?

Loving Arms thinks that Betty Read, Team Leader, believes in diversification. Not only is this team performing a number of different projects, in a variety of settings, but the team itself has members from Nova Scotia to British Columbia. They all bring a variety of skill sets and talents. Our Centre of Hope willmhave cupboards built for the library books and for craft supplies. A house will be built and adopted. The women in the sewing, soap, knitting

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February 20th, 2014 – Day 4

Day 4 started with the group heading to the Loving Arms guesthouse. From there, the team split up into two groups. The first group remained at the guesthouse to prepare the bags of food that were to be distributed to the people of Parrojas. The team then went through and sorted through the donated items that the team brought from home (like uniform, diapers, sewing machines just to name a few). The second group went to the house build to install

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Loving Arms Welcomes Barb’s First Team!

Over the next two weeks Barb Irving will be leading two teams in Guatemala. Her first team is comprised of seven nurses from New Brunswick, except for one member who is from the United States. This team will be holding clinics where they will be performing check ups on all of our sponsor children as well as any other people in the villages that require one. They also will be holding educational clinics and taking part in Adopt A House. We are confident

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Greenbank United Team Sunday October 13, 2013

Today was our final full day in Parramos Guatemala. Before breakfast we headed to the market square to spend our last Qs. Suzanne bought and wore an authentic Guatemala woven shirt and belt, which certainly turned local heads. Juli learned to balance bags of sugar and strawberries on her head. We were delighted to witness a parade sponsored by a local high school and health department that promoted vaccines for children. It was an extremely emotional

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Monday August 5th

After yesterday's work, most of us slept so soundly the rooster did not even wake us. We had home-made corn tortillas with breakfast: the best tortillas many of us had ever tasted. We are very grateful to Loving Arms and our 'house mom' of sorts for the wonderfully prepared food. This morning, it was off to a local school outside of Paramos to teach a VBS and give shoes to children who needed them. Some of them, sorely. The need here is great, and,

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