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Blog Update – October 02, 2018

Today, Tuesday, we did 2 clinics. The first, La Hermita was a small village that had been displaced in a land slide several years ago. There are approximately 110 residents in this village. It is located in a lovely setting at the edge of a cliff. We set up in their church that had a beautifully decorated pulpit to welcome us. This is a very impoverished village without running water, that only receives shipments of water every three days. We assessed

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June 27, 2014 – Day 18

You know it is going to be a great day when there are five children waiting for you to arrive for school and fun! The church was not open for us to use today so we held class outside.  One little boy has just stolen my heart ~ he speaks to me as if I totally understand what he is saying.  When I don’t he just repeats it.  Angel is a student at the National School so he is familiar with me.  He asks me all the time what something is.  He is

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November 24th, 2013 – Day 6

Today we had no clinic but still had a full day planned. We had a few hours to ourselves this morning and then went to an amazing Macadamian farm. We had a very tasty lunch (crepes with blueberries and macadamia butter). For those chocolate lovers out there, you need to come to Guatemala and taste the chocolate they make. The farm had a very peaceful atmosphere and beautiful gardens. In the afternoon, we went to church that conducted mass in Spanish.

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The Machry Family: Day 3

The rooster was quiet last night. I think he doesn't like the rain we had, so we are more refreshed and enjoyed some time in Antigua, looking at all the wonderful handicrafts.  Mackenzie was happy to shop, but has saved most of her money to give to Myrlka, who suffers from Leukemia, for her special formula.  Isaac also has donated much of his souvenir money for the little girl, and we looked forward to seeing her in Church later in the day. 

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