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2019 Spring Tea – Thank You!

On Saturday, May 4th, we hosted our Spring Tea event at Chartwell Church. We enjoyed a lovely afternoon of refreshments, fundraising auctions, prizes, and meaningful dialogue about the important work we’re doing in Guatemala. We had an opportunity to express our gratitude and pay tribute to the organization that has supported up since 2008 - the SHARE Organization. SHARE Founder Les Frayne was an early supporter of our now thriving Dairy Co-op and

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Loving Arms Annual Tea – Reminder!

We're just 10 days from our Annual Tea event! Please come help raise funds for our dairy co-op run by the parents of our students! Find more info by clicking our poster below:

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February 28th, 2018 – Day 1 Team Update

On the first day our February team member Marg held a sewing class for some of the local women who quickly learned how to make the bag you see in the pictures below. These bags are made of Guatemalan fabric and Loving Arms hopes to be able to sell these bags so that the family can make some income! The ladies were quick learners and we even had a helper from our kindergarten class with us as well!

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April 16, 2015 – Day 4

Today the team was back at the Centre continuing the plumbing installation in the Guest House and organizing uniforms, supplies and materials in preparation of the school opening. The families close to the Centre came for the afternoon and for the food and birthday gift distribution. Staff reviews, job descriptions and time management studies were reviewed with staff to ensure we have the capacity and resources in place before the school opens. Linda

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December 18, 2014 – Day 4

Today our entire team went back to the Center of Hope for a full day of work.  While some people worked outside, others led the women of Guatemala in activities inside.  Outside, the six men on our team continued to work on the wall, eventually completing the portion we were able to fund. Another group painted the outside of the Center of Hope to freshen it up so that it will look presentable as a school. One of the activities our team did with

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December 15, 2014 – Day 1

Yesterday was our first work day here in Guatemala. Our team woke up around 8 o'clock, had breakfast, and briefly talked about what our goals for the day would be. Around 9, we went to the Centre of Hope and from 9 to noon we split into groups and did various projects. Some of us worked with one of Loving Arms’ Women’s Co-ops and taught them how to make dream catchers with beaded jewelry. Others took to painting both inside the Centre, where

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November 4th, 2014 – Day 1

Yesterday Cynthia and I were joined by Steven Hash who arrived from North Carolina to be here for 15 days. After an evening of getting to know one another, we enjoyed another great night of sleep. Today Cynthia and I were on duty arranging the kitchen for the bakery, cooking and preserves co-op. It is a beautiful kitchen but disorganized and needed some TLC. We also noticed some much needed items for the kitchen to help the co-ops with their work.

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Thanks to Betty and Her Team!

Well the East-meets-West group had a great week. Some of these people met each other for the first time but all seemed to gel and a great deal of work was accomplished. 32 suitcases of donations were sorted and stored. Items ranged from school supplies to clothes to building materials and supplies for co-ops. The team taught sewing lessons (making a small purse) to women from Chitaburuy. The women from La Hermita were given a lesson introducing

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November 1, 2014 – Day 6

Friday was a very busy day with the crochet and sewing co-ops both returning for their lessons. What progress was made! The crochet group grew yet again as they are having such a great time learning this new skill. Some of them are almost half way done making their first purse! What an amazing job they have done. The sewing group was finishing making a new little change purses. They were very excited to see their final product! There were so many

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October 30, 2014 – Day 5

An amazing Thursday in Guatemala! The team split into little groups and achieved much today. The home the team built is now painted! Tomorrow the furniture goes in! The children were given new shoes and their smiles were huge when they saw them! A mat was put on the ground for them to colour, then put their shoes back on when finished. When the group arrived in the morning to start, the mom had put up two small Canadian flags on either side of the

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