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Blog Update – Monday, September 18th

Today we began taking medical clinics into the surrounding villages. It was quite an adventure. The morning clinic was to be held at a church which sits at the edge of a cliff in La Hermita. Unfortunately for a variety of reasons, and despite a back-up plan, we could not get a key to the church and so after an hour of waiting, the team ended up holding the clinic in the community leader’s house amidst chickens and hanging laundry. Fortunately,

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World Race – Week 3

                      This song is in honor of the Christmas cards and sponser letters that were made this past week. On the first day of ministry, Alexandra said to me: Pease take apart that building. On the second day of ministry, Alexandra said to me: Please hoe that yard, and take apart that building. On the thrid day of ministry, Alexandra said to me: write a sponser letter, please heo that

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World Race- Week 2

This past week, our World Race team  got to work at the "Big Blue House" or the Loving Arms main building. Some days we would hoe the yard and garden around the house and the property. We even helped the amazing Angel repair a fence that had broken down. But most days we were inside the building, collaborating with the staff and volunteers to clean and organize,  prepairing for the upcoming ministries. We cleaned the classrooms, sorted though papers,

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Thank You Chartwell Youth Team

Loving Arms would like to send a heartfelt thank you to the youth team and their leaders, from Chartwell Baptist Church, Oakville Ontario, for all their hard work and dedication over the past week. This team built and adopted a home for Maria Luisa Pablo and her three children. The dedication of the home was very moving, with many members of the team praying for prosperity and happiness for the family. The family also received new clothing. VBS was

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Barb’s First Team Monday November 11, 2013

Half of the group went to the new Learning Centre to teach the nursing students and volunteers from different communities different subjects such as fever, menopause, parasites and adult CPR. The students were very interested in the various presentations and were able to practice the CPR technique on a mannequin. They showed interest by asking a lot of questions. Meanwhile the other half of the group stayed home and pre-packaged medications for the

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Barb’s First Team Sunday November 10, 2013

The rooster gave us an early wake-up call starting at 1 o'clock this morning. On today's agenda: 1. We packed all the food bags to give out to the different sponsored families later on today. 2. We also pre-packed different medications for our clinics. 3. Then we moved on to a macadamia nut farm. Loving Arms often brings teams out to the farm as sort of a field trip while in Guatemala. We were welcomed by the owners. We visited the farm and they

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Barb’s First Team Day One

We have arrived!! Safe and sound. Mom would be proud. It hasn't been long since we have arrived but we have already lived a couple of culture shocks: 1. The toilette paper ends up in the garbage can instead of the toilette. We will have to get used to that. Septic systems are just not the same in Guatemala as in Canada. 2. The diesel aroma is all over the place, another smell to get use to. Often the old vehicles from more affluent countries come

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Loving Arms Welcomes Barb’s First Team!

Over the next two weeks Barb Irving will be leading two teams in Guatemala. Her first team is comprised of seven nurses from New Brunswick, except for one member who is from the United States. This team will be holding clinics where they will be performing check ups on all of our sponsor children as well as any other people in the villages that require one. They also will be holding educational clinics and taking part in Adopt A House. We are confident

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Poinsettia Order Reminder!

If you have not yet placed your poinsettia order, don't worry because you still have time to do so! Loving Arms is taking orders until November 25th that will be available for pick up on November 29th and 30th as well as December 1st at three different locations. These flowers help to put the finishing touches on your home when decorating for Christmas and what better way to buy them than to be donating money to those who need it in Guatemala? All

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Welcome To The Team!

Loving Arms is pleased to welcome Samantha Dotson to the team. Samantha will be working as a part of the communications committee at Loving Arms, updating the blog, running social media platforms and assisting with the quarterly newsletter. Samantha is a driven young woman who graduated from Sheridan College's print journalism program. She works hard at Starbucks during the day and strives to build her portfolio every other possible moment. Her strong

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