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Blog Update – Sunday, September 17th

Today was a heavenly day. We began with a visit to Valhalla Macadamia Nut Farm. In Viking mythology, Valhalla is akin to paradise or a heavenly home. The farm lived up to its name being both beautiful and peaceful -- a wonderful place for the team to rejuvenate after our first 3 days of travel and work. It was also very educational. Who knew that the Macadamia Nut tree flowers and produces fruit at the same time; or that it converts twice as

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Team Blog – Update 2

We are almost in the middle of the team's week here and the hard work continues. On Wednesday, the team continued with the fence. They also packaged the food that will be distributed. Other members continued helping with sorting the school supplies for our 61 children at school. Our new shelving is looking great and almost finished. After lunch the team left to go to Parrojas for the January food distribution. During the distribution they helped

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April 14, 2015 – Day 2

After breakfast, the group went to visit a school in Corrales where we talked students in Grades 1 through 6. We talked about what they were learning and what they knew about Canada. Several had fathers who were migrant farm workers in Ontario and Quebec so they knew a little bit about Canada including snow.  From there we headed back to the Centre of Hope where a mountain of food supplies had to be sorted and packed into 250 individual family packs

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Gracias por su ayuda!

Everytime Kelsey and Mary Madeline make their way down to Guatemala, they seem to have a great time. Even cold showers and cooking their own food (nothing burnt!) did not stop them from helping our Guatemala team. They seem to count their time spent in Guatemala as one of their many Blessings! This duo also help sort out Alicia’s storeroom! Suitcase upon suitcase were emptied with crafts, clothes, uniforms and other donations sorted. The children

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March 11, 2015 – Day 3

This morning started as many mornings do here in Guatemala: cold showers and a beautiful view!  We woke up early and had time to eat breakfast and spend time walking around the property before Alejandra arrived.  As soon as we loaded all the suitcases of uniforms into the truck, we headed to Corrales, the village where we both have sponsored children. After making the trip up the mountain, we got to the school just as all the children were taking

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Many thanks to Leaders Meghan and Brian

Loving Arms appreciates the hard work that this team put forth during their stay in Guatemala. As most of you know it is our hope that a new school will open in January 2016 at our Centre of Hope. This team worked diligently and willingly to complete the second section of the cement security wall. Hopefully all the walls will be completed this year as other teams come to Guatemala to help. Not only did this work include mixing the cement (by hand)

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November 12, 2014 – Day 4

As we sit here to write about our day in Guatemala, we have had many tears as we reflect on all we have seen, heard and touched. It is obvious that every one of us on the team have been deeply moved by these people and we feel we cannot do enough for them. On a positive note we have seen more people than anticipated but on the down side we are running short on medications, especially vitamins for adults and children which they badly need. This morning

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Thank you – Dresden First Baptist Church Team!

Greg’s team may not have been very large in number nor did they stay for a long time but Loving Arms is grateful for the work they did. The families of Paraxaj and Corrales were the very happy recipients of Vocational Bible Studies. Lessons were taught and reinforced through skits, games and crafts. At the Centre of Hope, the Baking Co-op learned to make two new types of cookies. The ladies can now make and sell these cookies. New skills were taught

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Welcome to Greg’s Team!

Loving Arms extends a heart filled welcome to the team from the Dresden First Baptist Church in Tennessee. Greg Alderdice, Youth Minister of the Church, is the leader. Erin Alderdice, Precious Turbeville, Keith Turbeville, Elizabeth Francisco and Michael Wilson have come to Guatemala, with him, to serve at an orphanage in Chimaltenango. While in Guatemala, the team will spend a few days with Loving Arms. They will visit the villages of Corrales and

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June 18, 2014 – Day

It has been a beautiful sunny and windy day! So glad to see the sun and blue clouds! It was a special morning in Corrales. I was able to visit with the little girl I sponsor! Maria is so cute and just smiles all the time. In our classes today, we made flip books of the 5 senses. We are "camping out" here for a while as the children are having trouble remembering these. Most every class knows knees and toes (which aren't part of the 5 senses). No

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