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Team Update – November 2017

Here's the latest on what our most recent volunteer team has been up to on their trip down to Guatemala! The team's first event was to attend the graduation of the kindergartners to Grade 1. It was an eye opening day at the Centre of Hope where each graduate had multiple family members on hand to celebrate their big day with them. It was also a chance for Loving Arms President Linda Coghlin and Guatemalan Director Alicia Mendez to acknowledge the

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Blog Update – Sunday, September 17th

Today was a heavenly day. We began with a visit to Valhalla Macadamia Nut Farm. In Viking mythology, Valhalla is akin to paradise or a heavenly home. The farm lived up to its name being both beautiful and peaceful -- a wonderful place for the team to rejuvenate after our first 3 days of travel and work. It was also very educational. Who knew that the Macadamia Nut tree flowers and produces fruit at the same time; or that it converts twice as

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September 29, 2016 – Team Update

We spent the fifth day in Guatemala high in the mountains in the village of Parrojas. We treated women and children at the local public school. Once again we see that children are children no matter where they live. They played, ran, teased each other and grinned at us shyly. The women work hard, cooking and cleaning, carrying heavy packages on their backs and heads – no wonder they appreciate the support we offer! After lunch we brought craft supplies

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Loving Arms is excited to welcome a nursing team from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia! Led by Barb Irving, this team has a busy schedule ahead of them.  Throughout the week, they will run medical clinics in Chimaltenango (with Pastor Oswaldo), La Hermita, Los Encinos, San Lorenzo, El Llano, Parrojas, Caleras, Cajagualten, Corrales (Centre of Hope for Elders), Paraxaj, Chitaburuy, and Parramos, as well as the children of the Christian School of Hope. 

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Team Update – February 20, 2016

The week wrapped up with Mack, Brian, Stephen working along side Josue building the walls of the new classroom. Stephen gave the exterior a fresh coat of paint and Ron tidied up some of the electrical wiring and propane tank mounts. Much time was spent time researching local septic systems that need to be installed as a result of the additional classes. Much of this is new to the staff and workmen here but a local engineer verified the plan Brian

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Welcome Ron, Mackenzie, Brian, and Margaret

Linda and Stephen Coghlin, who will stay after hosting the SHARE team, will be joined this week by Ron Shantz, Mackenzie Boyce, Brian Gore, and Margaret Shaw.  The team will be involved in the construction of a new classroom which will be housed on the Centre of Hope property.  This classroom will be for the Gr. 1 students for 2017 as they graduate from Kindergarten in Nov. 2016.  The Ministry of Education requires that we apply for our Gr. 1

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November 7th, 2015 – Monique/Viola/Meaghan – Day 3

We have been busy here in Guatemala!  Yesterday, we worked on the home all day.  We were able to finish the roof and paint the home.  Monday, we will return to help build a stove for the family.  We have loved getting to spend so much time with this sweet family.  All of the children are so kind and helpful.  We can’t wait to see them again soon! Today, we spent some time working at the Centre of Hope.  We started our day packaging

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April 15, 2015 – Day 3

The team worked at the Centre of Hope all morning, unpacking and sorting school uniforms (thank you St Mildred's-Lightbourn for providing them). The kids look great in them and they are so proud! On the construction end, the floor trenches were dug and drain lines were installed in the floor for the showers and toilets in the guest house. Weather has been very pleasant, the clouds are rolling in as the rainy season approaches. We spent the afternoon

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March 10, 2015 – Day 2

Our Internet didn’t work last night, so when we fell asleep around 9:00PM we weren’t sure what exactly was in store for the day.  During the morning, we sorted through uniforms that will be distributed tomorrow in Corrales.  There were so many boxes of clothes, and we can’t wait to see all the children in their new uniforms! After we finished sorting and counting all of the uniforms, we began sorting through suitcase after suitcase after

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February 15, 2015 – Day 7

Today the team was able to get the classrooms in the Centre of Hope cleaned up and arranged appropriately such that it was prepared for the upcoming school inspection. As many of you back home know, the classrooms must pass this inspection in order for the Centre to be recognized as a certified school. After lunch the team then made sure the Centre was presentable as the sponsored children from Corrales, Parramos, Chitaburuy, and Paraxaj all visited

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