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Welcome to SHARE!

Linda and Stephen Coghlin along with the staff of the Loving Arms association in Guatemala (Asociacion Brazos Amorosos) will be hosting members and friends of the SHARE organization who partner with Loving Arms for a variety of programs from a Dairy Co Operative in Parrojas, Women’s Co Ops/Tomatoe Greenhouses, Adult Literacy, Efficient Wood-Burning Stoves and Water Filters.  The group will be on a monitoring and reporting trip to visit families

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Day 1 – Monday May 18th

Today our team of 11 had our first full day in Guatemala.  We worked primarily at the Center of Hope organizing and doing multiple things to get the new school up and running for the grand opening in January of 2016.  The school will be home to 20 preschoolers and 20 Kindergarteners in the hopes to expand this number in the future.  We are so excited to help in any way that we can with the school! For the first part of the day, we split into

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February 6th, 2014 – Day 2

This morning we visited the village Parrojas and met all the members of the Dairy Co Operative funded by SHARE. We were very impressed with the success of this dairy operation. They have already exceeded the expectations by making cheese. They are also using the manure as compost on their gardens. They now have 3 calves and are very proud of them with 4 more cows that are pregnant. We then visited the Greenhouse Co Operatives that SHARE funded. We

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Help Us Fill a Greenhouse!

Loving Arms will be erecting greenhouses on our newly acquired property. These Loving Arms greenhouses will provide workers from the villages we serve with fair wage employment. Any remaining proceeds will be utilized to provide more training, skills and education programs for the children, women and men at the Centre of Hope (Skills and Trades Training Centre). At the Gala, “An Evening in the Latin Quarter”, a paper greenhouse will be erected

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December 27th, 2013 – Day 1

This morning we did VBS in Parrojas. We did the Bible story of Jesus calming the storm. We did crafts and colored with the kids. After VBS, we handed out shoes and notebooks that kids from our church in Memphis made. The weather was perfect, it was a great morning. In the afternoon we worked at the Centre of Hope. A group sanded and painted inside, another worked in greenhouses, and another worked on sanding arches so that more greenhouse can be

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Loving Arms Welcomes Team of University Students

Loving Arms would like to welcome this American team, 28 strong, to Guatemala. The team is fronted by Kelsey Huggins and Alex Norville. Kelsey is no stranger to Loving Arms as she also helps out with our newsletter. During their seven day stay in Guatemala the team will be busy. Their plan is to build and adopt 2 houses, work at our Centre of Hope, pack and distribute the December food packages, as well as running VBS programs in our villages. This

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The Machry Family: Day 2

Our first lesson today was that a rooster is only a good alarm clock if you want to be awake.  Today we travelled to the new Loving Arms home to see our Sponsor a Home purchases - the bunk-beds and bedding for the, a hutch for the dishes, and pots and pans and household items. It was such a blessing to see the joy on the family’s faces, especially those of the children, when they opened their personal "gift boxes" that we had prepared for them. 

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Dairy Farm Pilot Program

Today was a very busy and eventful day.  Several members helped in Parrojas with the pens for the Dairy Farm Pilot program.  Currently all cows are living in their respective owners homes.  I am sure they will be happy to get them into their own home!                         The second team worked on the property, helping the mom's with their greenhouse and the third team worked in Corrales sanding desks and painting one of the classrooms.

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