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We would like to Welcome Barbs Team from New Brunswick. This week they will be running lots of medical clinics to many different villages. Follow along with their daily blogs!  

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A Big Thank You From Loving Arms!

Loving Arms would like to give our sincerest appreciation to Pastor Harry and Pastor Karen. Not only did the two pastors and their team of five youths from the Bible School Distino (Destiny) from Guatemala build and furnish a house, but they had to carry everything they put in the house (as well as the walls!) up a very steep side of the mountain where the property was purchased. The house was built in Parrojas and the furnishing included beds,

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Jessica’s Team Thursday October 17, 2013

During their first day in Guatemala, Jessica's Team ran a dental clinic and managed to work on 38 patients which includes some of our sponsor children. Because the people of Paraxaj cannot afford to see a dentist regularly, this clinic is extremely important for them to get the treatments they require to have healthy mouths. Two members of Jessica's Team helped our workers, Angel and Luis, with the walls in the new training centre while the others

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