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Isaac Machry – Blog Update

Buenos noches everyone! I don’t know if I spelled that right but it’s supposed to mean good evening. I think. Anyways I am back with another blog and I am actually writing this the same night I wrote my last blog so if the spelling is really bad on this blog then there is my excuse. This blog will be covering my day off from work on Sunday and my work day on Monday! My day off on Sunday started off like a normal Sunday at home with church in

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Recapping A Wonderful Week in Guatemala

From Wednesday of last week to Wednesday of this week, Jessica's Team from New Brunswick did an awesome job during their time in Guatemala. Over the seven day span, Jessica's Team saw 200 patients while running clinics in Parrojas, Parromos, Paraxaj and Chitaburuy. This number includes a great amount of Loving Arms sponsor children! Typically the team ran dental clinics in the morning and the team would be working on all sorts of patients with different

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Greenbank United Team Monday October 7, 2013

Today had a surprise start for the team, the early risers found there was no power! This of course means NO COFFEE/NO SHOWERS. To pass the time until the others woke, we went for a walk around town. We had a full breakfast prepared for us on a gas stove (luckily!) and off we went to start our assigned projects. One group went to the school in Parrojas and played soccer, taught crafts (friendship bracelets) and games. We worked with more than

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