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Lisa and Michaela – Update

Hola!  It is Day 8 for me and Michaela.  We have had many wonderful adventures already, and Loving Arms is keeping us "good-busy".  Michaela has been spending each school day in the classrooms assisting the teachers in both Espanol and English.  She really enjoys being able to help out and has so much fun with the kids at recess time.  She has followed Gabby and Charlotte's lead working mainly with Brenda and Dulce. I have been busy mainly

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Today was an amazing day. We started out the day by visiting a school in the villages outside of Parramos. We did our VB program with the kids and also had lots of time to play games with them. The kids were so much fun and their smiles were a true joy to see. We had a truly inspirational experience, and it was really hard to leave them behind, though we know they are safe in God's hands. In the afternoon, we split up into two groups. One group

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