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Team Update – February 20, 2016

The week wrapped up with Mack, Brian, Stephen working along side Josue building the walls of the new classroom. Stephen gave the exterior a fresh coat of paint and Ron tidied up some of the electrical wiring and propane tank mounts. Much time was spent time researching local septic systems that need to be installed as a result of the additional classes. Much of this is new to the staff and workmen here but a local engineer verified the plan Brian

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International Women’s Day

Join Loving Arms in providing women with skills and training who then help bring their families and communities out of poverty! We recognize their challenges as well as their achievements. Loving Arms has over 50 women now in small business co-operatives that help supplement their families income. Their key goals are to provide their families with food, clothing, medical care and education. Small businesses give them confidence and the motivation

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