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March 4, 2018 – Team Update

In the morning we headed up into the hills to Parrojas, where Brian, Stephen, Jamie, and Mynor had built a house for Alejandra, a 79-year-old widow elder member of the Parrojas village. Members brought her new bedding and clothing. She told us that she feels so rich. Just check out the view from her home! Following the dedication of the house, team members walked up the hill to visit the dairy co-op. This project is sponsored by SHARE Canada. We

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Thank You SHARE!

Linda and Stephen Coghlin, along with the staff of the Loving Arms association in Guatemala (Asociacion Brazos Amorosos), would like to whole-heartedly thank the members and friends of the SHARE Agricultural Foundation for all their work here in the field this week. This group including their leader Murray Brownridge, Margaret and Stewart Brown, Paul and Carol McLellan and Barbara Ervin worked diligently with Loving Arms on many programs from

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Welcome to SHARE!

Linda and Stephen Coghlin along with the staff of the Loving Arms association in Guatemala (Asociacion Brazos Amorosos) will be hosting members and friends of the SHARE organization who partner with Loving Arms for a variety of programs from a Dairy Co Operative in Parrojas, Women’s Co Ops/Tomatoe Greenhouses, Adult Literacy, Efficient Wood-Burning Stoves and Water Filters.  The group will be on a monitoring and reporting trip to visit families

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Thank You S.H.A.R.E.

Loving Arms would like to extend a very heart felt thank you to all the members of SHARE, especially the ones who visited us in Guatemala this past week. SHARE stands for Sending Help And Resources Everywhere. SHARE provides funding, guidance, and expertise to agriculturally-based communities in third world developing countries, with a focus on Central and South America. SHARE was here this week to witness what their funding has done under the direction

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February 7th, 2014 – Day 3

Wow! What an experience the market in Chimaltenango. This was a Guatemalan one stop shopping centre……….everything from cattle, horses, pigs, chickens, rabbits, puppies, ducklings to wonderful foods and vegetables, sweets, clothing, car parts, medicines for humans & animals etc. The challenge was playing follow the leader through the huge market. The team members at the back of the line were thankful that Linda was tall and blond so they

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February 5th, 2014 – Day 1

We were fortunate to visit three villages today and meet some of the families being assisted by Loving Arms/SHARE. On our way to the village of Paraxaj we first stopped at the home of Sergio and Alicia to drop off the school supplies we had brought. We were disappointed to hear that the school teachers are on strike since the government will not give money for supplies. Later in the day we heard they will return to work in March. Very upsetting!

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