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Many, Many Thanks! Successful Poinsettia Fundraiser

Loving Arms’ Board of Directors would like to thank everyone involved in our poinsettia fundraiser: from the person who bought one to the person who bought the most, from the person who sold one to the person who sold a great deal more, from the fundraiser co-ordinator to the members of the Communication Committee. From all of us on the Board to each and every one involved….a huge, huge THANK-YOU!!! This was the best year EVER… we raised well

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A few months ago Loving Arms issued an eBlast about a little girl who has been struggling with cancer. We now would like to give you an update about her. On November 30th Mirta turned 4. As you can see by her picture, her hair has began to grow back. Chemotherapy is finished for now and Mirta is beginning to feel like the other kids because the constant travel to the city is over, at least for now. Her entire village helped her and her family to

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Awesome work! Many Thanks to Barb and Her Team

With over 1000 people seen at clinics, in many villages, over the week, I think this team could top the numbers of any Doctor’s Clinic anywhere. Fantastic job! The team also managed to adopt-a-house for a very needy family of 5 children and a widowed mom from La Hermitas. They received bunk-beds, an armoire, as well as each individual member of the family received their own clothing from different members of the team. The family was very overwhelmed

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Thanks to Betty and Her Team!

Well the East-meets-West group had a great week. Some of these people met each other for the first time but all seemed to gel and a great deal of work was accomplished. 32 suitcases of donations were sorted and stored. Items ranged from school supplies to clothes to building materials and supplies for co-ops. The team taught sewing lessons (making a small purse) to women from Chitaburuy. The women from La Hermita were given a lesson introducing

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Thank You to the Group From World Race!

Some have said their time with Loving Arms passed very quickly. Different experiences were had by each member but all enjoyed their time with Loving Arms. The Centre of Hope was thoroughly cleaned with some areas receiving a touch up paint job. Some members worked in the greenhouses, some in the fields and some did carpentry work. This team gets a huge thank you from Betty, the team leader of the next team, for preparing the cement floor for her

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Thank you – Dresden First Baptist Church Team!

Greg’s team may not have been very large in number nor did they stay for a long time but Loving Arms is grateful for the work they did. The families of Paraxaj and Corrales were the very happy recipients of Vocational Bible Studies. Lessons were taught and reinforced through skits, games and crafts. At the Centre of Hope, the Baking Co-op learned to make two new types of cookies. The ladies can now make and sell these cookies. New skills were taught

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Thank You to Kim’s Team

Loving Arms would like to thank the team from the USA lead by Pastor Brett Frazier who served in Guatemala from July 4th– 9th. Kim Beach co-ordinated this team for Loving Arms. We truly hope that their time there made as much of an impact on their lives as they made in the communities they uplifted. It is hard to express in words the appreciation that Loving Arms has for all they did. While in Guatemala: - This team delivered a VBS program to the

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Volunteer Appreciation – June 22nd, 2014

June 22nd turned out to be a lovely day for our appreciation event with bright sunshine and a light breeze. Inniskillin was prepared to greet us with a taste of their sparkling white wine as we enjoyed the view of the vineyard, a refreshing treat to begin our experience. Next our group was escorted to the "Wine Library" for some delicious food to nibble and more wine to enjoy as the group mingled and caught up on the latest details of group work.

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Thank You!

Loving Arms would like to thank the team from the Phi Mu Sorority of Mississippi State University who worked extremely hard in Guatemala this past week. The team was led by Kelsey Huggins and together they built memories that will last a lifetime, not only for themselves but for those they impacted during their time in Guatemala. We appreciated their efforts so very much. While in Guatemala: This team delivered a VBS program to the children of Chitaburuy,

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Thank You Chartwell Youth Team

Loving Arms would like to send a heartfelt thank you to the youth team and their leaders, from Chartwell Baptist Church, Oakville Ontario, for all their hard work and dedication over the past week. This team built and adopted a home for Maria Luisa Pablo and her three children. The dedication of the home was very moving, with many members of the team praying for prosperity and happiness for the family. The family also received new clothing. VBS was

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  • LovingArmsGuat So grateful for the support of our neighbour who offered us his extra vegetables to gift to our families this month. https://t.co/NHVqreu4no

    June 12, 2018