Team Blog – Update 1

On Saturday morning the team started working right away at our Centre on different projects such as replacing our old bamboo fence on the North side of the property with a cinderblock and metal fence. They also started painting our classrooms in order for them to be freshened up to welcome our students.



In the afternoon they helped with the New Year’s Elder Celebration, where we had more than 100 elders attend.

On Sunday the team took some downtime to visit the Pacaya Volcano.

On Monday the work continued. Some of the team continued working on the fence while others started a sidewalk for our new classroom. The team also helped sort the school shoes and supplies which will be distributed to all the children in our program.


On Tuesday, the team finished the sidewalk and made great progress on the fence. They continued helping with sorting school supplies, this time for children currently at our school. In the afternoon they started building bookshelves for our classrooms.


Time is going fast but a lot has been accomplished in a very short period. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication!

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