Team Blog – Update 2

We are almost in the middle of the team’s week here and the hard work continues. On Wednesday, the team continued with the fence. They also packaged the food that will be distributed. Other members continued helping with sorting the school supplies for our 61 children at school. Our new shelving is looking great and almost finished. After lunch the team left to go to Parrojas for the January food distribution. During the distribution they helped passed out the food, school supplies and shoes. After the food distribution they paid a visit to an elder’s home, whose name is Alejandra and dropped off her food.



By Thursday, we could not believe that time has gone so fast and that it is actually their last day. Before heading to the Centre the team stopped in Parramos to visit Bill’s sponsor family’s home. Gifts were presented and hugs were shared with all members of the family. After their hearts melted with the beauty of the children in that home, the team left to start another day of work. Today the fence required a lot more of work, as it was time to pour concrete for 25 meters. Other members continued working on the school supplies and materials for our school. The shelving is done and it looks fabulous.



At lunch the team and staff got together and we had a delicious chicken soup with fresh local vegetables. After lunch the team got ready for another food distribution with Parramos, Paraxaj, Chitaburuy and Corrales. It was a very busy afternoon passing out shoes, school supplies and food packages. The staff mentioned at lunchtime that this team came at the right time when everyone had so much preparation due to the beginning of the school year. Through their help we were able to accomplish a lot! God bless you abundantly for what you have done and the seeds planted this week.


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