Team Update – Last Day

Here we spend gathering our thoughts about the week we spent here in beautiful Guatemala. It’s a bittersweet time when we say our goodbyes, but for most it’s not “goodbye” – it’s “see you again”.




We spent our last day interacting with the children at the Christian School of Hope, and seeing new faces that will join the school in January. Having an education means everything for the kids, it gives them strength, faith and most importantly hope. Hope that their future will be bright, their minds will be full and they will have knowledge that they can use throughout their lifetime. We were asked a question when we arrived “Why did we come here?” Everyone pondering about their answer. I think it’s safe to say we came here to make a difference; to give our hearts, smiles and positive energy to the people here.



This team has been wonderful to work with. A combination of wisdom and youth has made the challenges seem less and the joy more bountiful. Thanks to everyone who shared their talents and time. Blessings!!

Barb and Jeff


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