The Final Day

Today was as always a very emotional day for the team, the families and for Loving Arms.  It was the last day before the team heads back to North Carolina.

This morning the team split into 3 again.

The first team finished the pens for the Dairy Farm in Parrojas – of course they are now painted the Loving Arms Blue/Green – no missing them that’s for sure.  Once the concrete is set the families will be leading their cows, who have resided with them in their homes, into their new home.

The second team stayed on the property and worked with Hugo, the Agonomist, and the mom’s from Chitaburuy.  They are preparing the soil for planting which will be begin next week.

The third team went back to Corrales to finish painting the children’s desks, the classroom, the teacher’s desk and walls.  Loving Arms and the team dedicated the classroom to the teacher/principal of the school and all of the students from that classroom. They were so grateful and so happy with their new classroom and were sad to see the team leave.

At noon all 3 groups met at the Alpha y Omega Church to provide the families from Parramos, Chitaburuy and Paraxaj with their July food packages.  Again it was very emotional for the team as they gave their testimonies.  The families also spoke of how important and how much different receiving their monthly packages is to them and their children.  Several spoke about the change in their lives as a result of their sewing co op, the instructor that Loving Arms has provided to them and their newly formed Women’s Co-Operative.


It was a great 2 weeks for them, for us and for the communities.  The team will be providing a summary of their time with us in the near future and I will post it along with more pictures as soon as I receive them.

On behalf of Loving Arms I would like to thank the team for a great 2 weeks, the tremendous amount of work they accomplished, the support and hope they have given to the families they worked with and the fun they had while serving here in Guatemala.

We look forward to hearing from them soon and welcome them back anytime!  We hope they will keep in touch with us and we will keep them in our thoughts and prayers.


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