The Machry Family: Day 4

Today we were very excited to travel to the village of Parrojos and spend some time with the children at the school.  We had a craft for them to do, and we also played some ball games.  The children were so happy to see us and to create a small craft.  We enjoyed their enthusiasm very much and Isaac was a great leader with the sports while Mackenzie took charge of the crafts with mucho gusto! After a restful lunch hour we visited the seniors centre and were able to make a craft with them, and were surprised to see that they enjoyed the activity almost as much.  Alicia had fun and was very messy by the end of the day.  We toured the Loving Arms greenhouse property again to check on the impressive progress of work there, saw some tiny buds on the green pepper plants and said hello to our little friend Tigre.

Mon 1

We are surprised over and over again by the energy of the children and how much they appreciate the smallest things we do for them.  The way their faces light up when the Loving Arms van rolls into the yard makes the trip extra special.  We look forward to sleep tonight, perhaps Senior rooster will be quiet as it is raining and we will sleep soundly.

Mon 2