Trip Update – Linda Coghlin

My first day in Guatemala has been very busy. From early in the morning we started at the school with the celebration of 196 years of Independence of Guatemala. We had a very entertaining morning, all the children participated in different civic activities. After the civic act we started with rally games where the children and their parents played together. At the end of the rally, we continued with a torch run and we celebrated the freedom of Guatemala! With all the children, parents, and work team we ran around the Centre of Hope. The activity ended with a delicate refaccion.

torch. JPG

After this activity I shared a special time with the all of the staff having lunch. It was a special time where I could thank them for their services and encourage them to continue to grow in order to help Loving Arms reach our goals. The staff reaffirmed their commitment to the institution and work so that the goals can be reached and in this way provide the best educational quality to our students.

celebration 2

This afternoon we assisted over 140 men who are interested in applying for jobs in Canada. We explained the selection process and the next steps that needed to be taken to hopefully get a job in Canada.


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