Tuesday August 6th

This morning, after getting ready and having breakfast, we headed out to a school in the mountains. It wasn’t too far away from town, but the drive was steep. On the way, we passed road repair workers along a cobblestone path. There were no closed roads, no police, no safety. People just drove by as the men made their repairs.


At the school, we again began with a group worship session, and then split the kids in to two groups, teaching them about the creation story. One of my favorite things to see today was something we did in review. We talked about how human beings are God’s favorite part of creation. Each of the kids got up and gave their name, and then said “and I am God’s favorite.” It was very moving.


We served the kids soup and then went back to the house. After lunch, the group split in to two. Some went to garden: tilling three acres of ground, and some went to build frames for the walls of the house we are building this week. They were built off site, and we will bring them to the house later.