Water Filter Program

 Loving Arms has the pleasure of being able to help another organization from El Salvador by teaching them how to build Water Filters. Clean, safe and reliable water sources are a huge problem in the areas where Loving Arms serves.  Water-borne illnesses are common throughout all of our families.  In response to this issue, Loving Arms partners with another organization to provide Bio-Sand Water Filters.  The families all provide assistance in the construction of their water filters.  We have also provided filters to each of the village schools to ensure the children not only receive clean water at home but also at their schools.Earlier this month, we were able to host 5 people from El Salvador for a 4-day workshop.  In this workshop they learned about clean water in general, the filters, construction, installation and the all-important follow up processes.  The team were very happy and were sent on their way back to El Salvador, with their own water filter mold, to start providing filters and clean water in their own communities.

 Below is a message from our mason – Angel Ajuchan
I had three very good days working with the Salvadoran team.  They had enthusiasm to learn to build filters. They learned the steps to sift sand, assemble and disassemble the mold , the foundation of the filter, cure time, installation and monitoring process. They also have the list of materials and tools that are required to built.  There are still details that need to be improve, but if they guide through the brochure that was provided, they will be able to resolve these details. We could build 4 filters and had time to go step by step and explain each procedure. There will be things they will discover and improve through practice as well as I did. So I think now they already have the mold , they are ready to start the Safe Water Project in El Salvador.

 ]I appreciate the confidence given to me and for me it was a pleasure to teach what I have taught to be used to benefit the needy.

Angel Estuardo Ajuchan