We Can Read!

Friday, November 22 was a great day in the lives of 15 women from San Bernabe. All of these women began a journey last February; a journey that they know will help them to a better life. That journey was to learn to read and write.

The women celebrated this very happy day by decorating the room where they attended their lessons and enjoying a delicious lunch together.

Literacy is something we in Canada take for granted. To us it is a right, to them a privilege. S.H.A.R.E., an organization that helps Loving Arms by funding many projects was the supporter of these women. The women of San Bernabe will never forget what this has done for them and to them and their families. Children will now have a parent who can read their school work, a parent who proves that you are never too old to learn and a parent who is proof that you can be what you want to be with a little help from others.

The women hope that more funding will become available to continue their studies. These very same women have started a business making soap. Having more reading and writing knowledge can only help these women as they begin to grow their business by marketing their soap through written advertising, learning to deal with banks, and writing proposals to other businesses to carry their soaps etc.

Loving Arms congratulates these women and Thanks their supporters!