Welcome Medical Team 2014!

This is the 8th year that Barb Irving, Loving Arms Team Co-ordinator, has brought a team of nurses to Guatemala. Their team is comprised of Fern Alward, Darlene Jordan, Chantal Dorion, Mary Lloyd, Judy Coates, Doug Coates, Karin Arseneau, Julie Michaud, Rhonda Beers, Janelle Leblanc, Jeff Irving, Natasha Whalen, Steven Hash and Nancy Theriault. Steven and Nancy are from the USA and the rest are from New Brunswick.

This team primarily holds clinics, some in villages with no Guatemalan health care professionals. Every year hundreds are given the opportunity to have their health issues addressed. Besides spending every day attending patients this group will provide workshops that will give the health care professionals additional skills to help in the villages. They will help with soup kitchens, food distribution and community work. One lucky family (pictured) will also receive many wonderful items under the Loving Arms Adopt-A Home Program.

Loving Arms wishes them well with all their work. Please read their daily blog to follow this team as they use their skills to help lessen the burdens of many.