Wishing Brenda All the Best

Brenda Stratton is a wonderful personal friend of mine, and also the co-founder of Loving Arms back in 2007. Brenda had been living and teaching in Guatemala for the last two years. She took it upon herself to take an ESL course in preparation to teach at the Loving Arms Christian School of Hope. She had been teaching English class to the pre-school and kindergarten children and they simply adore her.

Due to circumstance, Brenda is required to move back to Canada leaving Guatemala, her class, and the children. I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge her dedication, commitment, and passion she had demonstrated kindheartedly to the children in Guatemala and the organization.

We know she is leaving Guatemala physically but she will continue to look for opportunities to help Loving Arms in its work for the people we serve in the Centre of Hope, the Christian School of Hope, and the surrounding mountain community villages. The staff, teachers, and especially the children will miss her dearly. Words cannot express how we all feel about Brenda and her calling to missionary work with us at Loving Arms

brenda 2

We wish her a peaceful transition back into the Canadian way of living and we look forward to her return with her team in the very near future.

– Linda


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