December 18, 2014 – Day 4

Today our entire team went back to the Center of Hope for a full day of work.  While some people worked outside, others led the women of Guatemala in activities inside.  Outside, the six men on our team continued to work on the wall, eventually completing the portion we were able to fund. Another group painted the outside of the Center of Hope to freshen it up so that it will look presentable as a school.

December 18 - 1

One of the activities our team did with the women was making fleece blankets.  This was the third group of women to make the blankets, which all of the groups have loved so much!  Another activity we did with the women was teaching them to crochet scarves.  The ladies learned so fast and ended up teaching us a thing or two.  They giggled and laughed the entire time and loved learning to make new things.

December 18 - 2

Our team also brought Alex, the carpenter’s son at the Center of Hope, some new shoes, socks, and a new t-shirt.  He was so overjoyed that he put on his new clothes right away and wore them for the rest of the day.

December 18 - 3

After lunch, the team went back to the Center of Hope together to finish up some of the work from this morning.  Most of the team continued to paint the outside of the building blue, while a few people painted the walls of some of the classrooms and hallways.  Haley, Kaitlin, and Hannah spent the afternoon teaching another group of women how to knit ear warmers.

December 18 - 4

Before we began teaching them the new design, we shared with the ladies the story of the candy cane then taught them to play an American Christmas game – “Secret Santa”.  The ladies all put their names in a bowl and each one picked a partner to select a gift for.  We had a table set up with bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, and the ladies chose gifts carefully for their partners.  After wrapping the gifts, the ladies laughed, clapped, and cried from excitement and joy.  Afterwards, two of the women stood up and expressed how grateful they were that our team took out time from our Christmas breaks to come to Guatemala to spend time with them, teaching them to make new things that they could sell.  Today was a very good and productive day.  We are already so excited for tomorrow and cannot wait to start a new day!

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