February 6th, 2014 – Day 2

This morning we visited the village Parrojas and met all the members of the Dairy Co Operative funded by SHARE. We were very impressed with the success of this dairy operation. They have already exceeded the expectations by making cheese. They are also using the manure as compost on their gardens. They now have 3 calves and are very proud of them with 4 more cows that are pregnant.

Feb 6 seven

Feb 6 five

We then visited the Greenhouse Co Operatives that SHARE funded. We were really impressed with the quality and health of the plants and fruit in these greenhouses.

After lunch, again at the Loving Arms Training Centre, we visited La Hermita. This village broke our hearts because of the dire need for stoves, filters, water and the opportunity for small businesses (greenhouses or other co operatives) and/or employment. The need for water filtration is extreme because their water is limited to 2 hrs. a week therefore they collect water in contaminated containers.

Feb 6 eight

Feb 6 three

Feb 6 four

We ended our day with a lovely meal at Edgar’s of Sunshine Grill.

Feb 6 two

Feb 6 six