November 4th, 2014 – Day 1

Yesterday Cynthia and I were joined by Steven Hash who arrived from North Carolina to be here for 15 days. After an evening of getting to know one another, we enjoyed another great night of sleep.

Today Cynthia and I were on duty arranging the kitchen for the bakery, cooking and preserves co-op. It is a beautiful kitchen but disorganized and needed some TLC. We also noticed some much needed items for the kitchen to help the co-ops with their work. We will try to replace the microwave that isn’t working and the kitchen is need of storage containers.

Steven was tasked with staining the library shelves as well as the craft shelves that were made by last weeks team. He was assisted by Angel and Benjamin since there were many shelves to complete.

November 4 - 1

We also met some women that are here from the USA who were teaching the crochet group how to make a purse out of recycled T-shirts. What a beautiful purse. So start saving your unwanted 100% cotton without seams on the sides. It doesn’t matter if there are words or logos on the shirt.

November 4 - 2

We also received news that the Pastor has been sponsored by a family in B.C. He has a great ministry in Parramos and La Hermita and was also working as a Tuc-Tuc (aka Taxi) driver to supplement his income. He lost that job due to his faith and integrity. This sponsorship will be great news for him as he leads a great program for the children in La Hermita and he has a special ability to engage with the children.