Thank You SHARE!

Linda and Stephen Coghlin, along with the staff of the Loving Arms association in Guatemala (Asociacion Brazos Amorosos), would like to whole-heartedly thank the members and friends of the SHARE Agricultural Foundation for all their work here in the field this week.

This group including their leader Murray Brownridge, Margaret and Stewart Brown, Paul and Carol McLellan and Barbara Ervin worked diligently with Loving Arms on many programs from a Dairy Co-Operative in Parrojas, Women’s Co-Ops/Tomato Greenhouses, Adult Literacy to Efficient Wood-Burning Stove and Water Filter Programs.

In addition they are monitoring and reporting on families and villages that have benefited from their generous and long-term support.  They were also a huge asset in food distributions for the month. Without their dedication and support many families in Guatemala would not have been touched with the love and care this organization is known for.

Many, Many thanks.

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